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Welcome Prof. Qiuxin Liu, Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Qiuxin Liu, Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College, China


    Professor Liu Qiuxin, male, born in October 1956, Ph.D., professor, senior engineer, and registered public equipment engineer. In December 1998, he graduated from Hunan University majoring in heating and ventilation with a bachelor's degree. Later, he studied on the job and received a master's degree from Wuhan University and a doctorate degree from China University of Geosciences. Now engaged in the teaching and research of building environment and energy application engineering.
    The main research direction is ventilation and air conditioning.
Industrial ventilation: ventilation and air conditioning in welding workshops of automobile factories, energy-saving technology for dust removal systems in power plants, diagnosis and transformation technology for ventilation and dust removal in iron and steel enterprises;
air conditioning: energy storage technology, low temperature air supply and variable air volume technology, heat pump technology and heat recovery Technology, heat and cold radiation air conditioning technology, solar air conditioning technology.
    Professor Liu Qiuxin presided over and participated in scientific research projects, with a total of more than 40 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects, obtained 25 patents, published more than 150 papers, 3 monographs, and participated in writing and reviewing 3 textbooks. Won the award of outstanding engineers in central and Western China in 2020, In 2019, he presided over the “Key Technologies of Green Buildings Based on the Utilization of Renewable Energy and Non-ideal Multi-loop Calculus” project and won the third prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress Award; in 2016, he completed one scientific and technological research project in Wuhan; "Key Technologies and Applications of Zero Energy Buildings" won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress in Hubei Province, and individuals won the title of National Outstanding Environmental Science and Technology Worker and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Award of Hubei Association for Science and Technology; in 2015, the presiding project won the third prize of "China Award" by the Ministry of Construction Award; In 2014, the presiding project "Energy-saving technology integration and engineering application of HVAC systems in large public buildings" won the third prize of Hubei Science and Technology Progress; in 2012, the presiding projects won the "Three Prizes of Hubei Science and Technology Progress" and "Wuhan Science and Technology Second Prize for Progress"; In 2012, he participated in the project and won the “Third Prize for Teaching Achievement of Hubei Province”; in 1994, he participated in the project and won the “Third Prize for Teaching Achievement of the Ministry of Metallurgy”; in 1989, he was awarded the “Excellent Design of Textile Department” as the head of HVAC second prize".